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Crossrail and Management Culture

Crossrail Overview Not since the 1950′s has Britain witnessed such a vast and transformative investment undertaken to improve the country’s transportation infrastructure. 1954 marked a stark turning point in Britain; still recovering from the effects of the 2nd World War. The ‘Modernisation Plan’ introduced the means of increasing speed, reliability and line capacity of the British railways. Despite being deemed a failure for missing the opportunity to cater to changes in culture in the Post-World War climate, the ‘Modernisation Plan’

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The Artist Formally Known as PRINCE

What was a quiet murmur on online forums and communities, has recently been shouted by software provider, Project Place… “PRINCE2 is dead”.  Killed by the age of information and openness, or perhaps more accurately, rained down upon by the cloud. Social business is seemingly rendering the old school project management structures obsolete… so do traditional methodologies have a place in the changing landscape which is the Project battleground? As we know, Time and Cost sit on the shoulders of every project,

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