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The Secret Staying Power of PRINCE2 Project Management

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Sometimes there is no explanation for why certain innovations and trends catch on, while others crash and burn. For every Facebook, there is a Friendster, for every iPod, a Zune, for every Coke, a New Coke. However, given PRINCE2®’s immense popularity as a Project Management methodology, there is no mystery regarding its popularity and staying power; it’s simple and effective. Since being founded in 1989, PRINCE2 has become an industry standard for project management, and a valuable element of any

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The Artist Formally Known as PRINCE

What was a quiet murmur on online forums and communities, has recently been shouted by software provider, Project Place… “PRINCE2 is dead”.  Killed by the age of information and openness, or perhaps more accurately, rained down upon by the cloud. Social business is seemingly rendering the old school project management structures obsolete… so do traditional methodologies have a place in the changing landscape which is the Project battleground? As we know, Time and Cost sit on the shoulders of every project,

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